Terms and Conditions 


Returns and/or refunds are not available, unless the error was our mistake. Please note that all products are handmade and each piece is unique, meaning that should you need a replacement, exchange for the same exact item is NOT possible. For international shipments, Poglia is not responsible for payment of duties or import taxes, which are occasionally required on the receiving end.

When you order and purchase any merchandise from Poglia, you represent that you are of legal age to purchase this merchandise and that this merchandise can be purchased and owned in your state, county, and/or city of residence.

By offering merchandise for sale, Poglia does not represent or warrant that any specific purchaser may legally purchase, own, or possess the merchandise ordered. Check your local laws before purchasing a knife.

Order processing takes between 2 and 5 business days. Once your order has been processed, your item(s) will be shipped within 48 hours. Orders are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays. Shipping rates are determined by weight and destination at point of purchase.


We ship internationally.  Poglia is not responsible for customs fees or taxes incurred from importing goods - these are payable by recipient upon delivery. We ship the items listed at full retail value.

Web returns may be eligible for exchange, store credit or refund within 10 days of order delivery, but will be handled on a case-by-case basis due to the nature of our product. If circumstances due warrant a return, we must be notified in advance, via email. This is separate from our retail store return policy, where returns are only eligible for exchange or store credit. No international exchanges.

The goods must be free from wear, stains, odor or any condition that would prevent them from being sold as new. Refunds will be issued and exchanged items will be dispatched only after the returned goods have been received and undergone a quality control check. Returned items must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt, indicating the type of return being done (exchange, store credit or refund). Some luxury goods, special orders, custom pieces, fragrances and any item that may have been used on food are final sale and are not eligible for return.

Any further questions can be directed to hello@poglia.co
For any orders we choose to refund, there will be no refund for shipping and tax of the item.


Knife Care 


Hand-wash only (no dishwasher!). Dry well and lubricate with mineral or kitchen oil if needed.  Like most equipment, knives need a little care over time. Here are a few tips to help you get lasting service from your knife:

  • Keep your knife dry -the entire knife, not just the blade.

  • Keep your knife clean, particularly moving parts (pocket knives).

  • Keep your knife oiled; especially pivot points and the blade.

  • Do not attempt self-repair. This may create an unsafe condition.

Carbon steel knife blades may be prone to rust if not cared for correctly.  If this happens, don't worry: rust is rarely enough to be an issue.  If it does develop, polish the blade with a rust eraser, then hand wash and dry the knife for safekeeping.

Similarly, when acidic foods (like some fruits and vegetables) come into contact with the carbon steel blade, a slight chemical reaction (discoloration) may occur.  This, too, is normal.

A knife is a precision instrument and, if misused, can cause injury. Upon delivery, please take care when opening and take care to avoid any incident. Never play with knives; Do not use a knife for any purpose for which it is not intended. Always handle it with care and keep out of reach of children. Always take caution when sliding the knife in or out of its sheath.

Knives may be dangerous, even deadly, if used improperly, negligently, and/or illegally. When buying merchandise from Poglia, you agree that you will use the merchandise in a safe and legal manner, consistent with all applicable laws, safety rules, and good common sense. You also agree that you will take such steps as may be reasonably necessary or required by applicable law to keep any merchandise out of the hands of minors and untrained and/ or immature individuals.

Buying Poglia merchandise, you agree to assume all risks related to and/or arising from your ownership and use of the merchandise and agree to indemnify and hold Poglia harmless from any and all claims brought by any person or entity against Poglia related to and/or arising from your ownership and/or use of the merchandise.


A note about our Bags


For the weather aged bags, we keep the process natural: we age them by exposing them to weather and later, by treating them with natural oil.  As the leather ages it will darken and develop a unique patina & finish.  

Since we expose our bags to the elements to age them organically, it's possible they may develop natural stains. We don't have control over this, that's the beauty of the process.  Although we slightly expedite the aging process for weather-aged bags, each bag may age at a different rate. 

To expedite the aging process, you can give the bag a little "sun bath" for a few hours, and then treat the bag with oil. You can use a natural oil (we use olive oil, actually!).  We recommend dabbing a bit of oil on a small portion of the bottom of bag to test it out, before applying it to the whole bag.  Over time, with every day use,  your bag will develop a natural, darker patina.

As a note: Age your bag at your own risk.  No two bags are the same, each bag will age in a different way.  Poglia is not responsible for damage incurred during the aging process.

Although the Poglia Porter is capable of holding some hats and other objects on the outside of the bag, Poglia does not claim responsibility for lost or damaged items. Please be aware when using it to carry items.















弊社から商品を購入するにあたり、お客様は弊社の商品を安全かつ合法的に、常識を持って、法の秩序を守りながら使用する事に、同意しているものとします。またお客様は、弊社の商品をお客様の国や地域の法に従って、子供や未成年、素人の手の届かないように管理する事に同意しているものとします。 弊社の商品を購入するにあたり、お客様が弊社の商品を使用、所持する上で発生する全てのリスクを負うこと、また商品の使用や所持にあたり起こった全ての苦情を、弊社は一切受け付けないことに同意したものとします



Weather aged (風化加工)のカバンとは、自然の状態で加工したものです。しばらく外気に触れさせた後、天然オイルを施します。皮は時間の経過とともに色濃くなり、個性豊かな独特の古艶(パティーナ)や風格が出ます。