Max Poglia x Toyota:
A Getaway to the hamptons


I snagged the keys to the two-tone Toyota Camry XSE to escape the concrete jungle,
and took a joyride on the open road.


"Buy the ticket, take the ride..."

Late on Friday afternoon, when the weekend angst really began to set it, I packed my suitcases and beach gear, SPF and all, and hit the road in the two-tone Toyota Camry XSE.
The V6 engine got me there fast, and with the "good-vibes" blaring from the Camry's killer sound system, the time passed quickly. 


The Arrival

Approaching the water's edge in The Hamptons. The two-tone Camry XSE’s powerful, sleek design definitely made an impression. 


Details, Details, Details...

The 10-inch color head-up display projected important info, such as my speed, turn-by-turn directions, and more, right onto the lower portion of the windshield.... so easy to use, and made me feel comfortable navigating uncharted territory!