Poglia Signature Custom Sets

We offer Poglia Signature Sets to select clients interested in a high- end, custom experience.  

Each custom set comes with the "plow disk skeleton" from which each knife is individually cut.  The carbon steel disk is a one-of-a-kind artwork that serves as a memory of the blades' rustic past and of rugged simplicity.   

Clients may incorporate their choice of two natural materials (horn, bone, and wood) and we can add hand-hammered, custom initials on the blade during the forging process.  Each knife is finished with solid brass. To inquire about our custom sets, please write to hello@poglia.co.

We work with a 3+ month waiting list for custom projects.

*Due to limitations of the natural materials, some restrictions may apply.





このカスタムセットは、それぞれのナイフを型どった “プラウ・ディスク・スケルトン” (素材となる円盤からナイフを型どったもの) とのセットになります。カーボンスチールの円盤は、ナイフの素材であるワイルドさと、その錆の記録として、一つのアートとなります。



カスタムセットについての問い合わせは、hello@poglia.com まで。